Onamia MN

Onamia is located in central Minnesota, near Mille Lacs Lake and other lakes and Rum River. See more at general info There are businesses in the area including a hospital, schools grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, drug store, and industry- see our biz listings There are also plenty of recreational opportunities.

Fatal crash

There was a fatal crash North of Milaca on Highway 169 and Co Rd 11
"The Chevy Equinox was eastbound on County Road 11 attempting to cross Highway 169. The Fusion was southbound on Highway 169. The Fusion struck the drivers side of the Equinox causing the Equinox to roll over landing on its wheels in the median."

Road Construction

Hwy 169 north of Milaca
Description: Reconstruct 6.4 miles of NB Hwy 169 north of Milaca, extend turn lanes
Status: Aug 2015-Aug 2016
Traffic Impacts: Close NB lanes, switch traffic to one lane in each direction on SB side of road. Narrow temporary lanes and crossovers, reduced speed limit.


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